EUROPE/SPAIN - The Bishops: Thousands of migrants are in Ceuta: "do not exploit their legitimate aspirations for political purposes"

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 emigration   local churches  

Diocesis Cadiz

Ceuta (Agenzia Fides) - "We will restore order in Ceuta as quickly as possible", said Pedro Sánchez, President of the government of Spain, who yesterday was in Ceuta, where there was a massive arrival of immigrants. Sánchez insisted on the government's firmness to act "in the face of any challenge, eventuality and under any circumstances". More than 8,000 immigrants have entered illegally from Morocco in the last 48 hours, and since yesterday the Spanish army has been monitoring the beaches of El Tarajal, right on the border. Isabel Brasero, communication manager of the Ceuta Red Cross, informing about the work they have been doing since the beginning of the migratory crisis, highlighted: "the Red Cross had never faced a similar situation, entire families are arriving, even with small children". The local Church has also shown its concern about what is happening on the border with Morocco. The Archbishop of Toledo, Mgr. Francisco Cerro Chaves, hopes that "everything will be resolved in the best possible way, because it is a dramatic situation for people fleeing hunger, wars, difficulties, problems ... and the Church must be a welcoming home for all", the Archbishop underlined. The Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, invited us to pray to the Lord for the situation in Ceuta and Melilla, through his Twitter account: "for peace, coexistence and security. Our vulnerable and suffering brothers and sisters should not be used, let's find a way out for them together". The Migration Department of the Spanish Bishops' Conference (EEC) is concerned about the situation that is taking place in Ceuta and Melilla.
"Appealing to the supreme value of life and human dignity, it is recalled that the despair and impoverishment of many families and minors cannot and must not be used by any State to exploit the legitimate aspirations of these people for political purposes", writes Mgr. José Cobo, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid and head of the EEC Migration Department. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 19/5/2021)