AMERICA/PERU - Arrival of thousands of Venezuelans in the country and assistance from Caritas, the phenomenon does not stop

Friday, 5 February 2021 emigration   caritas  


Arequipa (Agenzia Fides) - Thanks to the "EuroPana" international assistance program, it has been possible to provide support to more than 36,000 Venezuelans who have emigrated to Peru in the framework of food security, protection, emergency housing and hygiene with the collaboration of the Caritas network of Peru and the Caritas of Chosica, Chimbote and Arequipa.
"As part of food security activities, food kits containing basic provisions are provided for emigrant families in vulnerable situations. In the protection sector, activities such as legal guidance, information on rights and psychosocial assistance have been developed", explained Yeri Cornejo, coordinator of the EuroPana program in Peru.
Following the pandemic and with the extension of the second part of the project, new activities have been included such as rent payment to avoid evictions and thus be able to respond to the needs of the migrant community.
EuroPana is an international assistance program for the promotion, assistance and protection for people in vulnerable situations in Venezuela, as well as for migrants, asylum seekers and vulnerable local populations in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.
This program began its activities in Peruvian territory in October 2019. The areas in which it is developing are Lima, Ancash and Arequipa. Other strategic partners include Caritas Germany, Caritas Luxembourg and Caritas Switzerland, thanks to funding from ECHO (European Union, Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid).
Venezuelan emigration to South America is an unprecedented phenomenon due to the number of people it concerns to the point of involving assistance and reception centers in all countries. A recent example is Chile (see Fides, 4/2/2021) where in a few days about one million people forcibly migrated to save their lives or in search of a better life. These people risk crossing the desert, with children and the elderly who expose themselves to the dangers of human trafficking.
Peru is currently the country with the largest number of Venezuelans outside of Venezuela.
In January 2021 the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) published the figure of more than one million Venezuelans in Peru, including more than 400,000 asylum seekers and these are the only official figures, but it is known that there are more than double the number of Venezuelans hosted on the Peruvian territory. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 5/2/2021)