AMERICA/CHILE - Proposals for a new Chile: contributions to dialogue within the framework of the constituent process

Friday, 22 January 2021 caritas   social situation   politics  

Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - Caritas Chile, with the support of Misereor, has organized three "Meetings for a new Chile", to create opportunities for analysis and dialogue in order to develop proposals on the current socio-economic and development model, which take into consideration the care of the Common Home, solidarity, sustainability and environmental justice, as a contribution to building a new Chile.
The initiative takes place within the framework of the current process of drafting a new Constitution for the country (see Fides, 27/10/2020), and is promoted by Caritas Chile together with the National Commission for Justice and Peace, the National Pastoral Commission for the World of Work and the Rural Reflection Group (which counts on the participation of the members of the National Commission for Rural Pastoral Care). The goal is to contribute to the reflection, discernment and participation of all, in particular by stimulating discussion on the socio-economic and development model that citizens want to adopt.
The first of the three meetings was held yesterday, January 21, on the theme "Current challenges for solidarity, justice and peace". The second, on January 25, on the theme "Proposals from the world of work for a change towards dignity" and the last meeting, on January 28. I twill be dedicated to the theme "Proposals from and for the rural and peasant world". The meetings take place starting at 6 pm local on the Facebook Live page of Caritas Chile.
In each meeting, each of the commissions and organizing groups presents the reflections developed during 2020 on the current reality of Chile, to find in them some lights and indications that constitute proposals for dialogue within this process of building a new constitution. In addition, each meeting includes a group of guests who will comment on these approaches and help make concrete recommendations or suggestions. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 22/1/2021)