AMERICA/MEXICO - Archbishop Calderón: "the Church and the attitude of the Good Samaritan, of giving a hand to those in need"

Wednesday, 30 December 2020 emigration   local churches  


Tapachula (Agenzia Fides) - Mgr Jaime Calderón Calderón, Bishop of Tapachula, Mexico, urged government authorities not to repress the right to mobility of migrants. This is what he said publicly last Sunday, December 27, but his position was reported by the diocese press when news broke that a new caravan of migrants from Honduras arrived at the Mexican border.
Mgr. Calderón indicated that this phenomenon was accentuated following the natural phenomena which destroyed houses in Central America, adding that there is a fundamental right of people to find a better place to live, the task of States being not to impose themselves by violating the rights of people. In any case, he recognized that this is a very complex reality.
Mgr. Calderón reiterated that "the Church lives in an attitude of the Good Samaritan, reaching out to those in need" and stressed that the ideal would be for countries to enter into a different logic, according to which problems can be resolved in their home countries, where governments and communities work. He then noted that in the countries of origin of migrants the situation is very complicated, the safety of individuals and families is at risk every day.
"The Church has the task to live in an attitude of Good Samaritan, in order to take the hand of those who need it, regardless of their race, color and religion and this is what the diocesan Church does; we ask federal, state and municipal authorities to act consistently in the defense of people's rights", he said.
Therefore, addressing the people of Tapachula, he asked that a way be found to help as this area has always offered help in various ways even in the presence of problems and difficulties that must be faced. The provisions of the government, he concluded, must always take the utmost care of the defense of all, both those who come and those who are here, in order to be able to live in peace. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 30/12/2020)