AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Caritas: no to the abortion law, we must protect life, especially the most fragile and vulnerable

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 abortion   poverty   caritas   laws  

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - "The pandemic that we are still suffering from has, as in any country, made the health of all Argentines a priority. Caritas has redoubled its efforts to meet the basic needs of our brothers and sisters in this area. It has surprised us and caused great pain that we are now faced with the debate regarding a law to legalize abortion, a bill that was not approved two years ago", said Mgr. Carlos Tissera, Bishop of Quilmes, President of Caritas Argentina, in a note sent to Fides in which he expresses the rejection of the project of legalization of abortion and invites Argentines to "protect life, especially the most fragile and vulnerable, from their conception".
Archbishop Tissera continues: "Our mission as Caritas is to welcome life as it is and to accompany families, to help mothers, fathers and children in their needs and to protect their weaknesses, and not just to try to include them in social welfare, but to promote them in order to integrate them so that they are not only beneficiaries of social programs, but protagonists of a project for all Argentinians".
Caritas supports mothers in the event of an unwanted pregnancy regardless of which path they have chosen. It is difficult to understand how lawmakers can vote on a law by which the State deprives people who are defenseless from the right to life. "Legalizing abortion would be a brutal setback as a human society", Caritas Argentina said. "If a possible law on abortion causes us pain - concludes Mgr. Tissera -, the same pain causes us to see Christians who want to protect the unborn life ... do not lift a finger to stay close to mothers who experience pregnancy in situations of poverty, rejection or exploitation".
Through a recent letter to Pope Francis, a group of women from villages and popular neighborhoods expressed their feelings: "we feel prey to a situation in which our family, our teenage daughters and future generations are growing up with the 'idea that our lives are unwanted and that they don't have the right to have children because they are poor ". Faced with the upcoming debate on abortion, Caritas Argentina wants to amplify these voices, as one of the institutions that work daily to transform the lives of vulnerable families and communities in every corner of the country. (SL) (Agenzia Fides,1/12/2020)