AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Devastating drought for the communities of Tarvita

Friday, 13 November 2020 food safety   water   human rights  

Iglesia Viva

Chuquisaca (Agenzia Fides) - In the face of a devastating drought which affects half of the communities in Tarvita in the Chuquisaca department (Bolivia), the residents have set out for the mountains to ask God for rain, according to ancient tradition. The parish priest, Juan Carlos Ramírez, accompanies the people in their prayers together with the catechists and leads processions and celebrates the Eucharist.
The priest points out that it is very sad to see believers crying praying to God and begging for the blessing of the fields and rain. "We always culminate with the Eucharist and the blessing of the water, so that our good God can hear our prayers and supplications", says the priest in the note sent to Fides.
The pilgrimage to the hill of the Sacred Heart of Jesus lasts 5 days, a time in which the community also asks for the forgiveness of their sins: "We ask forgiveness for our lack of faith, for our lack of commitment as baptized, so that God may answer our plea for rain in this need. We approach God with all humility in all simplicity to implore his mercy".
The population of Tarvita, which does not receive any government aid, is currently facing the worst drought in its history: the springs have dried up, there is no water even for human consumption, even less for livestock.
"The desperation of our people has made people climb the hills to pray to God. The scarcity of water has also affected the production of potatoes, corn and wheat and made food scarce for the animals. The streams, which normally never dry up, have dried up this year, it is the worstr drought in our history", said Reynaldo Cruz, mayor of Tarvita. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 13/11/2020)