AMERICA/PERU - President Vizcarra removed from parliament, the country is politically destabilized

Wednesday, 11 November 2020 social situation   politics   corruption   local churches  


Lima (Agenzia Fides) - The Archbishop of Lima, Mgr. Carlos Castillo, said that the Congress lacked "a sense of proportion" when it removed President Vizcarra. This is "something very serious". The Archbishop is referring to the impeachment of Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra on Monday evening, November 9th, after he was declared "morally incapable" by parliament, in connection with a corruption lawsuit against him for alleged bribes in 2014 when He was governor. The President of Parliament Manuel Merino, of the Popular Action party (AP), succeeds Vizcarra as the new President of Peru before the Peruvian Congress with all members present.
The resignation of the President was approved at the end of an almost eight-hour plenary marathon with 105 votes, 19 against and 4 abstentions, with the result well above the required 87 votes.
Vizcarra, meanwhile, told the local press that he was leaving the post "with his head held high" and that he ruled out taking legal action to oppose the decision of Congress. "I am leaving the government building as I entered two years and eight months ago: with my head held high", said Vizcarra, surrounded by his ministers, in the courtyard of the seat of government and announced that he would immediately go to his private residence.
"I am leaving with a clear conscience and have done my duty", added Vizcarra, who enjoyed great popularity among the population during his 32 months in office, so much so that there were immediate reactions from the population, such as protests and "cacerolazos" in the capital Lima and other cities.
Vizcarra had a similar fate as that of his predecessor, Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki (2016-2018), who was unable to end his term as he was forced to resign due to pressure from parliament.
In his closing speech, Vizcarra, who stood out in the fight against corruption during his term in officec, stressed that there are 68 MPs who are pending trials without having been dismissed for this reason.
The general comment is that the country itself has only to lose on this matter, as it could lead to political destabilization with a new president who is practically unknown. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 11/11/2020)