OCEANIA/SOLOMON ISLANDS - A radio produced by young people for young people: Radio Bosco marks 1st anniversary

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Honiara (Fides Service) - Young people love Radio Bosco a Catholic radio station launched a year ago by the Salesian Fathers in Solomon Islands. The Radio started broadcasting on 27 February 2005 offering a competent and appreciated service to spreading the Gospel in the Pacific Islands. Radio BOSCO celebrated a year of broadcasting on 26th February, 2006. Despite the rain, several youngsters and people made their way to the radio station and had the opportunity to interact with the presenters, share their views and greet their friends on air back in their villages, during the four hour broadcast.
The radio station looks beautiful and we are happy that it is close to where we live”, said Margaret Daiwo from Tasiboko. “Radio BOSCO is very interesting. It helps people in the rural areas get helpful information”, said Angela Kennta. “I am looking forward to assisting with health programmes”, stated Serah Mankoni, nurse at the Tetere clinic. “It’s extremely pleasing to see such an enthusiastic group of people playing some really lovely music and other programmes. The community must also love your work - you have a huge number of requests to play music’, said a smiling Maureen Scattergood, Project Financial Analyst Nassall and Associates, Canberra.
Radio BOSCO has as its slogan: “Empowering people, building community”. The community radio station enables the people share their lives, knowledge, culture, success, dreams and struggle. The different programmes - community blo iu mi, custom stori, luk, luk lo health, lotu time, top 5, etc. have been put together by the youth and are very much appreciated. The studios are in Tetere Guadalcanal, at a Salesian centre and many local youths are involved in the production of programmes. The Radio also broadcasts daily Mass.
The project was supported also with Italian donations and technicians who volunteered to find to set up the equipment. (Agenzia Fides 8/3/2006 righe 26 parole 262)