AMERICA/PERU - The reorganization of REPAM continues: Cardinal Barreto new President

Thursday, 15 October 2020 amazon   missionary animation   local churches  


Iquitos (Agenzia Fides) - Cardinal Pedro Barreto takes over the Presidency of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), succeeding Cardinal Claudio Hummes, in this important service. Cardinal Barreto, Archbishop of Huancayo, has participated in the entire foundation process of REPAM, since the first meeting in 2013 in the Amazonian city of Puyo, Ecuador, where the creation of this Network was proposed as an ecclesial response to a strong need felt throughout the Amazonian territory.
By accepting the presidency of REPAM, Cardinal Barreto declared he accepted the challenge of continuing to work together, knowing that the Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon (CEAMA), of which he is also President, is the expression of an ecclesial structure that paves the way for a renewal of the Church.
REPAM was in fact responsible for supporting the process of preparation and reflection of the Synod for the Amazon which took place in October 2019 in Rome. One of the fruits of the Synod, welcoming the Pope's request, was the creation of the Amazonian Ecclesial Conference (CEAMA), which in its founding Assembly, held on 26 and 29 June, proposed the presidency to Cardinal Barreto.
Cardinal Barreto will officially take up his post as the new President of REPAM on November 9, during the Assembly to be held in virtually, due to the pandemic. The appointment of the new vice-president of REPAM will take place after a consultation process with the national REPAM and the founding institutions, following the criteria and perspectives of the whole of the Amazon.
It should be noted that REPAM is currently going through a process of discernment and reorganization. A first step took place on 14 September, when Fr. João Gutemberg Mariano Coelho Sampaio, FMS, became Executive Secretary of REPAM. It was also decided to transfer the headquarters of REPAM from Quito (Ecuador) to Manaus (Brazil). (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 15/10/2020)