OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Women and young people for peace, pastoral care for Aborigines, Lenten Message also MP3: upcoming initiatives of the Church in Australia

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Sydney (Fides Service) - Lent 2006 will be a period of intense missionary vivacity and initiatives in Australia. According to Australia’s Catholic monthly “Mission & Spirituality News”, tomorrow 8 March in Melbourne a meeting with the title “Women, religion and peace”, will reflect on the special charisma of women to promote peace. A similar initiative will be held in Brisbane, and in Sydney young people will be the focus: the local Church is already preparing a convention Builders and Dreamers which will bring young Australian Christians together in July this year in view of the important universal Church event of World Youth Day 2008, held for the first time in Oceania and to be hosted by Sydney.
Pastoral Care for Aborigine Catholics is being given special attention in the area of Wallumetta on the coast north of Sydney, where preparations are underway to celebrate 150 years of North Sydney parish a centre for pastoral care to meet the needs of Aborigine communities in this region.
Evangelisation using mews technology is pinpointed by Bishop Kevin Manning of Parramatta who has made his Lenten Message available on video, MP3 and PDF, to reach as many people as possible, especially people with a disability. (Agenzia Fides 7/03/2006 Righe: 23 Parole: 220)