OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The Internet offers ideas for Lenten reflection and prayer: initiative of Jesuit Fathers at Creighton University

Monday, 6 March 2006

Sydney (Fides Service) - For Lent this year the Jesuit Fathers at Creighton University have proposed a daily itinerary of reflection and prayer via the Internet. The initiative is for all Christians but particularly young web surfers and people who spend hours at a PC every day for work or other reasons. The web site web www.creighton.edu is updated daily and offers reflection on the Mass readings of the Day, meditation and prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours to accompany the Lenten path to Easter. The initiative is a response to a recent Pastoral Letter on the Church and the Media issued by the Australian Catholic Bishops “Go tell everybody”. The Catholic Church in Australia intends to increase its presence in the media and make use of the ‘new pulpits’ for evangelisation offered by the culture and the world of the third millennium.
The letter focuses on the various fields of communications, television, the Internet, radio, print media, cinema, and advertising. It also mentions Catholic media and identifies the family as the ideal place for education to the media. The Church is striving to make better use of the media, print media, TV, radio, the Internet to spread the Good News. (Agenzia Fides 6/3/2006 Righe: 25 Parole: 251)