AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Mgr. Arana: "It is urgent to build a culture of reconciliation, politicians must avoid clashes in this pre-electoral period"

Monday, 14 September 2020 politics   elections   social situation   coronavirus   bishops  

Iglesia viva

La Paz (Agenzia Fides) - "An urgency for our time, especially for us Bolivians, is to work to build a culture of reconciliation, where forgiveness, listening and respect allow us to live together, despite our differences; we cannot think that, because one is different or thinks differently, we must fight and generate hatred": is the exhortation launched by His Exc. Mgr. Giovani Arana, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of El Alto, during the Eucharistic celebration that yesterday he presided in San Francisco Minor Basilica in La Paz.
A little more than a month before the presidential elections, the Bishop addressed politicians: "I invite our candidates in the elections to include this urgency in their government plans, we must reconcile, an economically prosperous country is useless if we are divided and adversaries, a country with good development policies is useless if we constantly fight each other, we urgently need to reconcile among Bolivians".
Taking a cue from the biblical readings of the day, focused on reconciliation and forgiveness, Archbishop Arana underlined how hatred and resentment are becoming more frequent as elections in the country approach, and exclaimed: "enough with leaders who seek confrontation , enough with leaders who think that because they face others, because they de-legitimize and speak badly of others, they are better". Then he continued: "I want to remind you of what the Word of God says today: 'resentment and anger are abominable', Bolivia needs leaders who by their example also teach us to forgive ourselves, and this happens because they know how to forgive themselves firsthand. Life is too short to waste time arguing, let's not waste our life in arguments, in useless grudges, in sterile confrontations, indeed, we learn to forgive, we learn to be affectionate and compassionate, like our God".
The Apostolic Administrator of El Alto also recalled the pain of many families who have lost a relative or a friend, in this period of pandemic, to whom they have not even been able to give their last farewell: "St. Paul says to all of them. .. courage ... God is also the Lord of the dead, for this reason he wants us to be sure that the Lord will resurrect our family and friends, and one day he will make them enjoy eternal life with us". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 14/9/2020)