AMERICA/VENEZUELA - The beatification of the "Doctor of the poor" is being prepared

Friday, 4 September 2020 beatification   politics   episcopal conferences  


Coro (Agenzia Fides) - The Commission for the Beatification of José Gregorio Hernández, of the Archdiocese of Coro, continues its activities aimed at promoting the values and virtues of the Venerable Servant of God. In this context, following the indications of the National Commission, chaired by Cardinal Baltazar Porras, adheres to the National Meeting "Venezuela walks with José Gregorio", which begins this first weekend of September with the aim of promoting dialogue and reflection on the life of the blessed known as the "Doctor of the poor".
The event is articulated around 12 themes, chosen by the board of the Commission, which will be presented through the social networks channeled by the National Commission, the WhatsApp groups and illustrative videos. These topics were developed by pastoral workers in a didactic way, suitable for adults, young people and children. "The goal is to make our future blessed better known to everyone, who can be a source of inspiration for future generations, and to contribute, through the model of José Gregorio Hernández, to what can be done for Venezuela", he said. known as Albe Perez, General Coordinator of the National Commission for Beatification.
The Catholic community in Venezuela is experiencing a particular moment: on the one hand the model of José Gregorio Hernández is proposed as a symbol of assistance to the poor, on the other the political environment is in turmoil after the news of the signing of President Maduro with regards to the decree that grants presidential pardon to various political opposition actors. Venezuela is called to the polls for the parliamentary elections next December 6, and with this initiative by Maduro another process of dialogue between the government and the opposition opens.
The Venezuelan Bishops' Conference, in mid-August, published a statement regarding the upcoming elections, in which it recalls that the decision of the 27 opposition political parties not to participate in the vote was unsuccessful in the recent past. "This is not enough, they must assume the responsibility of seeking solutions and making proposals (...), simple abstention will increase the political and social fracture in the country and the desperation for the future", the Bishops said. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 4/9/2020)