AFRICA/TOGO - A missionary from the diocese of Sokodé: "Again confined even if it is impossible to comply with health measures"

Tuesday, 1 September 2020 coronavirus   evangelization  


Kolowaré (Agenzia Fides) - "Curfew from 6.30 pm to 5 am and again the closure of places of worship. The cities of Adjengré, Sokodé, Tchamba are again in confinement", writes to Fides Father Silvano Galli, priest of the Society for African Missions, from Kolowaré.
"There are new outbreaks in the area and efforts are being made to block them, fight them, with the means available. Even in Kolowaré, a few days ago, a case was registered at the Dispensary - writes the missionary. In order to bring a patient to the hospital in Sokodé they managed to fix a motorcycle and set off, accompanied by a doctor. After about ten kilometers, the patient jumped out from the vehicle and disappeared into the bush. He did not want to be put under quarantine, which is at the expense of the patient".
Father Silvano says that it is difficult, almost impossible, to respect the health measures in force in Kolowaré. "Every Saturday I go to the market: hardly anyone wears a mask and how can you keep your distance or sanitize your hands in a place full of people and merchandise? I pass among the people, greet them, joke with them, take some pictures. There are precise precautionary measures, but impossible to respect. This is what seems to have happened in Sokodé, the town nearby. Here there are new infections with consequences: confinement, closure of places of worship, curfew".
"The whole team of the OCDI (the diocesan Caritas), made up of 8 people, came on Saturday 22 August, and, with two vehicles, to the sound of music and songs, they traveled the village and the market inviting everyone to seriously respect the proposed measures, providing practical indications, in Kotokoli and French. They eventually moved on to the mission. They also came to bring material for the group of women who work with cassava and see the work carried out. Despite Covid, life continues", concludes Fr. Gauls. (SG/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 1/9/2020)