AMERICA/BOLIVIA - "We must know if this government is interested in life", asks Mgr. Centellas on Journalist's Day

Thursday, 14 May 2020 politics   democracy   freedom   bishops  


Sucre (Agenzia Fides) - Bolivia celebrated "Bolivian Journalist's Day" on Sunday 10 May. On this occasion Mgr. Ricardo Centellas, apostolic Administrator of the diocese of Potosi, recently appointed Archbishop of Sucre and president of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia presided the mass for Bolivian journalists. During the homily, Mgr. Centellas said: "Journalism, every journalist, is a servant of the truth, a friend of the truth, and is called to present the truth of things, to speak the truth, to present the truth. Today we will pray for journalism in Bolivia to be free and independent, journalism that responds to ethics, that responds to truth and not corruption. It is very sad to learn that in Bolivia, many media do business with the government, for a lot of money, and sell their ethics".
"It is not easy to communicate the truth - he continued - for me there is no neutral journalism. Journalism that has an ethics is on the side of truth, not of corruption, not of lies. Reality is reality, we cannot ignore that in Bolivia the current government issues a transgenic decree and we have to find out what is the truth behind this decree".
Then he continued: "A transitional government that cares too much about placing its people in public institutions is not a transitional government. We have to know exactly if this government is interested in life".
The government in words says "life comes first", but then it does the opposite. "How many ventilators have been purchased? Where are they? They have announced they have set up 500 beds for intensive care. Where are they? Journalism must help us point this out.
Dear brothers, may God give you strength and courage to tell the truth at all times".
In Bolivia there are about 2,500 cases of Covid 19 and 128 have died, but the real problem will be the post-Covid economy, because like other Latin American countries, a large part of the population lives on what they earn during the day and with the quarantine in progress everything is blocked. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 14/5/2020)