AMERICA/CHILE - "For a fair and worthy Chile": meeting on the challenges of evangelization in the current situation

Thursday, 12 December 2019 social situation   solidarity   caritas   local churches  

Valparaiso (Agenzia Fides) - The Pastoral office of the diocese of Valparaiso and Caritas Valparaíso, have promoted a "Diocesan dialogue meeting for a fair and worthy Chile", which will be held on Saturday, December 14, at the San Pedro Nolasco College, in Valparaíso. "For almost 50 days, Chile has been experiencing what has been defined as a major social crisis or epidemic, characterized by the rise of a series of requests concerning greater social justice, equity, dignity and effective participation", underlines the letter of invitation, sent to Fides. Therefore it is recalled that in the final message of the 119th Plenary Assembly of the Bishops' Conference of Chile, the Bishops invited to an "active participation in the dialogues, in the councils and in all the instances of civil society, which helps to express opinions and proposals for the process of a new Constitution and a new social pact, in a climate of respect and civil friendship. Our faith can greatly illuminate the moment in which we live" (see Fides, 18/11/2019).
In this meeting on December 14, explains the communiqué, "the signs of the times will be analyzed, with particular emphasis on the current crisis that the country is experiencing, and will seek, through dialogue and in the perspective of the Social Doctrine of the Church, to recognize the challenges for the evangelizing action of the diocesan Church and the pastoral responses to be promoted regarding our social service and solidarity".
The invitation to participate is addressed to those who work in the field of social ministry, but is open to all people of good will, committed to the good of the country, who belong to parishes, to the world of education, to lay movements and social organizations.
"Many pastoral workers, religious, consecrated persons and priests, have expressed the importance of a broad socio-pastoral dialogue on the current moment in which our country and our diocese live, and have also recognized that together with the prayer for peace - which is the fruit of justice - a space of meaningful meeting is necessary and therefore to raise a clear and strong voice as Church, according to our identity and our principles".
On this occasion the proposal of the "Community dialogue meetings for a fair and worthy Chile" will be presented, a diocesan initiative that will be promoted by Caritas Valparaíso so that parishes, Catholic schools and other pastoral groups "Participation in social and political life is one of the highest forms of charity and strengthening of democracy". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 12/12/2019