AMERICA/CHILE - National dialogue and the end of violence, because "Chile cannot wait!"

Wednesday, 13 November 2019 social situation   politics   violence   episcopal conferences  


Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - The Episcopal Conference of Chile calls for national dialogue without exclusions and to end all forms of violence. In a message published on 12 November, as part of the 119th Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference held in these days in Cañas, the Bishops published the message with the meaningful title: "Chile cannot wait!".
"For the sake of our country, let us end violence! Faced with reports of violations of human rights, of deaths, injuries, vandalism, looting, destruction of public and private infrastructures, we strongly insist that all types of violence cease".
The video presentation of the message, sent to Fides, states: "Respect and dialogue are an urgency today! In the current scenario, in which the nation has been invited to a broad reflection on a new Constitution, a national dialogue is essential without exclusions, which includes not only the political protagonists, but also all men and women of good will, must involve movements and social and labor organizations, following the legitimate institutional channel.
Justice and respect for institutions are the essential condition for coexistence and the reconstruction of the social fabric", underlines the document.
"Chile cannot wait! We must all do our best to break down the walls that separate us and build bridges that allow us to meet and build a social pact that will lead us to a future with more justice, peace and dignity", concludes the document.
The situation in Chile is degenerating into uncontrolled violence in some cities: yesterday in Talca a government office and the church of Mary Help of Christians were set on fire, where they burned sacred images, musical instruments and church stalls. Last weekend (see Fides, 11/11/2019) the church of La Asuncion in Santiago was ransacked.
President Piñera has proposed three agreements to resolve the crisis as soon as possible (peace agreement, for justice and to change the constitution). Yesterday a general strike and some demonstrations ended with acts of gratuitous violence against government offices and private properties in several Chilean cities.
The Catholic Church has been working for some time at different levels to face this crisis, suggesting a Christian solution to it (see Fides, 31/10/2019), but unfortunately there is no willingness to listen. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 13/11/2019)