AMERICA/PUERTO RICO - Celebration in the diocese of Caguas for the beginning of the diocesan synod and the journey towards CAM 6

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Caguas (Agenzia Fides) - The diocese of Caguas in Puerto Rico yesterday celebrated its 55th anniversary with the beginning of the first stage of the diocesan synod and the diocesan journey towards CAM 6 (Sixth American Missionary Congress), Puerto Rico 2023. The Bishop of Caguas, Mgr. Eusebio Ramos, opened the diocesan synod with a decree read by the diocesan Chancellor, Father Ángel Molina, during Sunday Mass. At the end of the Mass there was a procession of fire and candles, chosen as symbols of CAM 6, together with the flag delivered to each diocese.
The national launch of the Sixth American Missionary Congress (CAM 6) Puerto Rico 2023, took place on October 19, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. The Executive Committee, formed by the Presidential Committee and the Coordinators of the Commissions and by the delegate of the Diocese of Ponce, seat of CAM 6, held the first meeting on October 28, for the organization of the continental event. Each Commission has a vital role, at a strategic and service level, in the journey of the Church of Puerto Rico and the American continent towards 2023.
According to information sent to Fides from the PMS of Puerto Rico, the CAM 6 organizational structure is already in motion. On 19 October, hundreds of people from all over the island enthusiastically participated in the launch of CAM 6, which took place with a very rich program, which initially included the message of Mgr. Daniel Fernández Torres, Bishop of Arecibo and National Director of the PMS. Therefore Fr. José Orlando Camacho, General Coordinator of CAM 6, and Fr. Carlos Manuel, Coordinator of the office in Ponce, informed about the organization and the commitments of the Committees. Mgr. Ghaleb Moussa Abdallah Bader, Apostolic Delegate for Puerto Rico, then addressed a brief speech to the people of God, before the Mass concelebrated by all the Bishops. Photos and videos on social media testify the enthusiasm and commitment of hundreds of faithful already involved in the preparation of CAM 6. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 4/11/2019)