OCEANIA/PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Caritas promotes the protection of creation and the commitment of young people against climate change

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Port Moresby (Agenzia Fides) - "The life of the entire population of Papua New Guinea is strongly influenced by climate change", said Mavis Tito, National Director of Caritas Papua New Guinea, during the talk show broadcast by FM100 in Boroko.
The occasion of the debate was the presentation of the Caritas report "State of the Environment for Oceania" (SEFO) 2019 which highlighted five key issues currently monitored that are influencing the livelihood of the inhabitants in the smaller islands of Oceania.
Rising sea levels and coastal erosion, extreme weather conditions, poor access to food and drinking water, mining and offshore drilling and financing for climate are in detail the points faced by the group of experts present, composed among others by Marie Mondu , Development Secretary of the Bishops' Conference, Agnes Harihi, member of the Catholic Professional Society and Nigel Akuani, at the head of social communications of the Bishops' Conference.
The SEFO report is supported by statistics and cases studied and reports on the challenges that Caritas is currently facing, noting the progress made so far in using the funds and resources available for the planned development programs.
"All Bishops' Conferences must have a Caritas Commission. It is through the help and support of our faithful Catholic communities that we are able to finance development projects", said Mandu, urging a safe and transparent management of the funds.
Mavis Tito, Director of Caritas Papua New Guinea, explained that it was rather difficult to gather the information needed for the report, praising the commitment of all the volunteers of the organization. Agnes Harihi urged everyone to "work together to combat the effects of climate change in particular those of smaller island neighboring countries".
"Most of the country's population is young. If given an opportunity and encouraged and supported, they would be able to contribute to great changes", said the head of social communications of the Bishops' Conference, stressing the importance of the commitment of young people who, thanks to their enormous potential, "can significantly contribute to the reduction of climate change". (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 4/10/2019)