AMERICA/PANAMA - Three-year vocational youth program: formation, mission, discernment

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 youth   missionary animation   local churches  

Panama City (Agenzia Fides) - Revitalize youth ministry through the training of leaders "according to the challenges and circumstances of the world", articulating the processes by stages and ages; "Promote an outgoing pastoral care for the most vulnerable young people: young migrants, peasants, Afro-descendants, native peoples and those living at social risk"; accompany the discernment on the life project of the young, articulating joint projects between youth ministry and vocational ministry.
These are the commitments made by the Delegates of Youth Ministry of the Dioceses of Panama, "with determination and enthusiasm, at the beginning of the three-year vocational youth program (see Fides, 10/7/2019), which will be a period in which the Church will turn her gaze on young people, in the belief that they are God's today". In the document drawn up at the end of the IX National Youth Ministry Assembly, held in the Diocese of Penonomé, from 12 to 15 September, under the guidance of the Panamanian Bishops, the diocesan delegates of the young, of the ecclesial movements and of the pastoral ministry, summarize the lived experience.
"We are once again fascinated, in the likeness of the first disciples, by the call that Christ made us on this journey" reports the text sent to Agenzia Fides. "We approach our history with an ardent and grateful heart, to deepen the roots of the life of the Church and of Panamanian youth. We listen, with love and humility, to the cry of the young, with their lights and shadows, joys and sorrows, disappointments and hopes".
In the meeting the young people reflected on their role as "protagonists in building a society in which the evangelical values of the Kingdom of God are lived: giving value to life, respecting human dignity and strengthening the culture of peace", in other words the "Civilization of Love". They therefore intend to proceed along the path of conversion and redefinition of their leadership "in order to positively influence the public life of our country and the preservation of our common home". The joy of the encounter with the different cultures of the Panamanian dioceses is underlined, "in an atmosphere of prayer and youthful brotherhood".
In the conclusion of the text the leaders of the national youth ministry assume "as a permanent mission, the announcement of the new message of hope given by Pope Francis to the youth of the world: Christ lives! He is our hope!" (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 17/9/2019)