AMERICA/PUERTO RICO - After the resignation of the Governor, the Bishops invite every citizen to "rebuild a democratic country"

Thursday, 25 July 2019 social situation   episcopal conferences  


San Juan (Agenzia Fides) - "In this important and historic moment for our people, we Catholic Bishops of Puerto Rico, invite all the Puerto Rican brothers to maintain the serenity and democratic balance that this period of government transition deserves. It is time to move forward in this crucial moment in history, which calls us to a profound reflection as a Puerto Rican society. Let us make this a great opportunity to unite as a people and work together, without flags and parties, in the search for the common good to overcome the fiscal crisis, corruption, violence and other evils": this is the appeal of the Bishops of Puerto Rico, sent to Fides, a few hours after the news of the resignation of the governor of the island.
"It is time to rebuild the country as a democratic country, combining the will to develop new government policies that help the integral development of the person. Every citizen, no matter the color, creed, sex or political party, must give the best of himself, to start a new phase of life in the history of this people. Nobody must remain with their arms crossed, because, united, a better Puerto Rico is possible!", continues the text signed by Mgr. Rubén A. González Medina, CMF, Bishop of the Diocese of Ponce and President of the Bishops’ Conference of Puerto Rico.
In a speech delivered last night by the government headquarters, Ricardo Roselló announced that he will leave the post of governor on August 2nd. He then summarized his government work by highlighting the adverse conditions in which he worked, including the destruction caused by Hurricane Mary and hostilities by the federal government in Washington. Puerto Rico is in fact a state freely associated with the United States of America.
After 12 days of popular demonstrations due to the publication of a chat where Rosselló and his group of advisers deride and insult artists, journalists, LGBT and politicians (see Fides, 19/07/2019), the governor was therefore forced to resign. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 25/07/2019)