AMERICA/ARGENTINA - The first liturgical feast of the blessed martyrs of La Rioja: an opportunity to learn and imitate their testimony of faith

Thursday, 11 July 2019 martyrs   local churches  

La Rioja (Agenzia Fides) - "The joy of the beatification of our martyrs Enrique, Carlos, Gabriel and Wenceslao continues to beat in our hearts and encourages us to continue walking as a community in the "state of beatification".
As we all know, July 17 is the day when we will celebrate the liturgical feast of the new Blesseds. Listening to the diocesan pastoral council and the presbyteral Council, it seemed appropriate to celebrate this date at a parish level". Thus writes the Bishop of the Diocese of La Rioja, Mgr. Dante Gustavo Braida, in a letter to the communities of his diocese in view of the first liturgical feast of the Blessed Martyrs Enrique Ángel Angelelli, Bishop of La Rioja, Carlos de Dios Murias, conventual Franciscan, Gabriel Longueville, fidei donum missionary priest, and Wenceslao Pedernera, catechist, family man, whose beatification rite was celebrated on 27 April (see Fides, 29/4/2019).
The material prepared consists of a novena, a triduum and the Holy Mass: each community can use them in the way most suited to its own reality. The Bishop hopes that they will serve "to encourage prayer and meditation around the lives of our martyrs, a propitious moment to continue to encourage the community to know and imitate the witness of faith and dedication of our brothers that the Church proposes as an example of holiness".
The relics of Mgr. Angelelli are already available for the parishes that desire them, while those of the other three Blessed Martyrs are being prepared. The Bishop concludes with the hope that "our beloved martyrs can accompany us and strengthen us in our daily mission". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 11/7/2019)