AMERICA/MEXICO - The only wall to stop migrants is economic, political, cultural and social development in their countries of origin

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Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - "Mexico is living an unprecedented reality. According to the National Institute of Migration, it is estimated that, in the first six months of this year, the flow of migrants has already exceeded 232% compared to that recorded in 2018, and there are about 360,000 without documents scattered on the national soil or who have already entered the United States. The immigration system, both in our country and in the United States, speaks of a failure, but also of the urgent need to address the root causes of this migration crisis, as the only 'barrier' that could stop the flow of migrants is the economic, political, cultural and social development in their countries of origin": this is what the editorial of the weekly "Desde la fe", reports, in yesterday’s issue, published by the Archdiocese of Mexico and sent to Fides.
In recent days, with the photo that has traveled the world, on the tragic death of an emigrant father and his daughter while attempting to cross the Rio Grande, many institutions, Catholic and non-Catholic, have commented on the phenomenon of international mobility as an undeniable consequence of a failed immigration system, whose inflexibility leads more and more brothers to decide between their future or their life.
"The Church, in the United States and in Mexico, has clearly indicated that each of the brothers who perish in the attempt to reach the so-called 'American dream', asks for justice from heaven, but also human solutions for all those who have a legitimate desire to reach better living conditions", says the text, which continues: "The Church considers with concern the overcrowding that is occurring on the southern and northern borders of Mexico. It is a reality that some dioceses are overwhelmed by the number of migrants that pass through their territory, with problems of exhaustion, dehydration, injuries or attacks by organized crime and sometimes the migratory authorities themselves, but assistance is still given to the brothers, in an always organized manner".
"As the Mexican Bishops’ Conference (CEM) underlines, regarding this tragedy, the Mexican authorities are responsible for making greater efforts in attention towards migrants and to continue to promote dialogue and transparent negotiation in bilateral relations. The US authorities are responsible for promoting joint work with the governments of the Northern Triangle and the government of Mexico to eradicate violence and improve local economies. All Mexicans - especially those who call themselves Christians - are responsible for eradicating xenophobia, recognizing and helping families fleeing violence, persecution and extreme poverty, and who expect, in our country, to be treated with compassion and love, but above all with dignity", the text concludes. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 8/07/2019)


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