NEWS ANALYSIS/OMNIS TERRA - Hussein Rahhal (Hezbollah): the decline of Christians is a danger to the Middle East

Saturday, 4 May 2019 human rights   christianity   faith   religious minorities   persecutions  

Beirut (Agenzia Fides) - The decline of Christians in the Middle East is a phenomenon that arouses "concern". This also applies to Lebanon, where the decline of the Christian component also jeopardizes the maintenance of a political system and a social coexistence based on the compresence and balance of different faith communities. This is what Professor Hussein Rahhal, professor of engineering and a member of the Council of the Lebanese University, who was also head of the Cyber and Media Unit of the Hezbollah Shiite Party, told Fides. The interview was gathered by Fides during a trip to Lebanon made thanks to Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi.
Regarding the birth and the role carried out by Hezbollah in the Middle East scenario, the exponent of the "Party of God" recalls that Israel's occupation of southern Lebanon "highlighted the government's and also the left-wing parties inability to respond.
Hezbollah appeared in Lebanese politics in that context: we understood that we had to act if we did not want to share the fate of the Palestinian refugees in our own lands, and another long-standing factor that certainly contributed to its emergence was the rebirth of the Shiite identity, represented by the figure of the Lebanese imam Moussa Sadr (the founder of the Disinherited Movement, which mysteriously disappeared in 1978, ed). (...)