AMERICA/MEXICO - Xt2 Program: young protagonists in social and ecclesial life, with commitment and creativity

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 youth   vocations   social situation  


Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - "We have two fundamental objectives: to help young people find the meaning of their life and their vocation, knowing that they are loved and listened to, and to be incisive in the search for the common good of society with concrete actions that help the world to be better, starting with our city". With these words, Fr Álvaro Lozano, director of the Vocational Youth Pastoral Commission of the Archdiocese of Mexico, summarizes, in an interview with Agenzia Fides, the purpose of the "Xt2 project".
This is the fusion of the two pastoral (youth and vocational) desired by Card. Carlos Aguiar Retes, Archbishop of Mexico, to respond more effectively to the multiple needs and expectations of young people. "Service, passion, mercy" is the trinomial chosen for the Xt2 logo, acronym "free" which means "Por to-dos" ("for everyone"). Fr. Lozano explains that the proposal intends to "dynamize the cells of youth ministry", true "basic ecclesial communities of young people", and to give vitality to the whole pastoral and missionary process through joint projects".
To outline this process, the group commissioned by the Archbishop conducted a profound analysis on the status of the pastoral ministry concerned, with over 300 inquiries to people, youth centers and institutions, and is now consolidating the formation of young animators. The programs - young liturgy, accompaniment and listening, social media, youth mission and social action - were not only "designed by young people for the young, but were designed together with them, listening to their proposals and expectations".
Xt2 aims to strengthen the approximately 200 youth groups already existing in the archdiocese, but does not want to limit itself to parishes. One of the objectives is to create youth centers in other places frequented by young people, together with the mission at "schools, bars, discos" and other environments frequented by young people, in "a kind of street pastoral care" and with solidarity work initiatives. The Listening Centers are among the first innovations activated: "they promote the union among all those who are willing to help youth", explains the priest, "because they feel listened to and helped to finding a deeper meaning for their life. There are already more than a hundred religious congregations, family movements and institutions that have joined forces to consolidate the Centers already in operation and to open up others", says Fr. Lozano. "Soon one will be opened on the internet" he underlines.
Even the line of social action "has begun with a certain intensity", reports Fr. Álvaro, "with assistance to people with vulnerabilities and, in particular, with a large event for disabled children and young people who brought together many of them and mobilized many young volunteers". The organization of the Holy Week missions has also started. "Since this has begun", assures the priest, "the young have taken the reins of everything while we accompany them". It should be noted that the new momentum and "greater awareness and decision" in pastoral work have been the result of the participation of many at World Youth Day in Panama. (SM) (Agenzia Fides, 20/2/2019)