ASIA/BANGLADESH - Cardinal D'Rozario: "Proclaiming the Gospel to the poor is priority"

Saturday, 22 December 2018 poverty   evangelization   mission   missionary animation   islam  

Dacca (Agenzia Fides) - "Proclaiming the Gospel to the poor is top priority for the religious and for all Christians in Bangladesh": said Cardinal Patrick D'Rozario, Archbishop of Dhaka speaking at the Conference of Religious in Bangladesh (BCR) ), which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its foundation on 21 December.
As Agenzia Fides learns, Cardinal D'Rozario: "Announcing the Good News of Jesus is the precious mission that all priests and all religious share in their commitment to the evangelization of the poor and of all the peoples of Bangladesh". The Archbishop reminded the more than 500 participants that they are missionaries in the different areas of the country to promote peace among all peoples, dignity and human rights.
The goal of the Religious Conference is to increase contacts and exchanges among the various religious congregations and to study together issues and problems of common interest in Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country, where Christians form a small minority. The Conference coordinates the activities of groups of members at a national and diocesan level and offers Bangladeshi religious opportunities for renewal and development at all levels of their religious life.
"Thousands of priests and religious nuns are committed to spreading and accompanying the faith of the baptized in Bangladesh, especially rural communities, backward socially and economically underdeveloped and rural areas", said to Fides Fr. James C. Cruze CSC, president of the BCR.
The four key areas of the church's work in Bangladesh are: evangelization, education, health care, social development. "As missionaries in Bangladesh, we are committed to donating Christ, an evangelical message of freedom, hope, love and service among all the people we meet", said Sister Rita Godino, CSC, secretary of the BCR.
The Catholic Church in Bangladesh has about 350,000 faithful distributed in eight dioceses. On the whole there are about 500,000 Christians, of different denominations, in Bangladesh, a nation with a Muslim majority, which has a total population of about 160 million. (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 22/12/2018)