ASIA/KAZAKISTAN - Arc Village, oasis for Kazak children

Thursday, 29 November 2018 childhood   solidarity   mission   charity   civil society   poverty   human rights  

Almaty (Agenzia Fides) - “As we watch our young people teaching new young arrivals here in Arc Village we think : how lovely it would be if their real mothers could be with them. But this is their story and we become part of their lives to offer affection and help them grow well”. Fides learned this in a report from the Arc Association directed by missionary priest rev. Guido Trezzani, who not far from Almaty, runs the Arc Village for children who are orphaned, or disabled or have family difficulties.
The Village was opened on 1 June 2000 “and in these 18 years has for shorter or longer periods, often to help families with difficulties, offered a home where children and young people can grow and prepare to start life as adults” the report says. Celebrations for the 18th anniversary were as always simple and joyful and as usual with many friends and benefactors who are part of our history.”
In recent months the children Village of Talgar received dental care thanks to a couple of Italian medical volunteer doctors who come periodically. Besides dental attention since 2007 the Village also has ambulatories for radiology and physiotherapy. At present the Village cares for 70 children who are either orphans or belong to families at risk and about 30 with physical and mental disabilities. The structure first opened in 1997, offering to care for children inmates of a state orphanage about to close. Today the village offers care to children from broken homes or families destroyed by violence or alcoholism. (LF) (Agenzia Fides 29/11/2018)