ASIA/AFGHANISTAN - Fr. Scalese: "The path of dialogue is the only path for the future of the country"

Monday, 5 November 2018 human rights   islam   political islam   talibans   elections  

Kabul (Agenzia Fides) - "The future of Afghanistan is entrusted to a hope: that the forces in question are willing to carry out a targeted negotiation, on the one hand, to the renunciation of the use of Taliban force, on the other to the their legitimate recognition as a political movement, which participates in the democratic life of the Country". This is stated in a note sent toAgenzia Fides, by Father Giovanni Scalese, a Barnabite missionary, titular of the Missio sui iuris of Afghanistan, analyzing the post-electoral situation in the country. The priest adds: "As the Afghan Consul General in Peshawar declared last week, the only path to peace for a country in conflict for 40 years is dialogue. After these last elections, I believe that the only thing left for the Talibans is to sit at the negotiating table".
The elections were held in a climate of fear, due to attacks by Talibans and ISIS and disorganization in the voting operations. Despite this, according to the Barnabite, the Afghan election-day could lead to a turning point in the history of the Country: "First of all because citizens have shown a desire for renewal and cleansing of the outgoing Wolesi Jirga, controlled by warlords and corrupt people. It is hoped that in the future young deputies take matters into their own hands and become bearers of the true interests of the Afghan people". The change, however, could also concern international politics: "The United States has conducted a 17-year war in Afghanistan, paying a huge price not only in economic terms, but also human capital. It is certainly not a mystery that they want to gradually withdraw from the management of the Country. The wish, however, is to have a phase of disintermediation linked only to the military aspect, and that we can leave room for economic initiatives, in order to encourage the full development of this country. To achieve this, however, it is first necessary to bring daily life back to a level of peaceful coexistence". (LF) (Agenzia Fides, 05/11/2018)