AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Archbishop Lozano: "The month of October ends, but not the mission"

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 missionary animation   bishops  

San Juan de Cuyo (Agenzia Fides) - "October is abount to end, a month dedicated above all to renew ourselves in the conscience and missionary commitment ... October ends, mission no, because it is permanent, it is in the DNA of the Church". This is what the Archbishop of San Juan de Cuyo, Mgr. Jorge Eduardo Lozano underlines, in his weekly speech on the diocesan website, reported to Agenzia Fides.
"It is good to review personal life, concerns, desires, occupations. Ask yourself: are you a witness of faith with life? Do you participate in any initiatives in your neighborhood, in your work or study place, that helps you to plant seeds of the Word of God? Or does your life 'say nothing'?" asks Mgr. Lozano.
The Archbishop recalls that the theme proposed this year was very clear and even provocative: "Your mission is today". "No one, no baptized person, can say 'it is not my turn' or 'it is not my responsibility' - he continues -. It is incoherent to think that it is a concern of others. As if missionaries were only priests and nuns sent to other countries. The Church - the whole Church - is sent by Jesus, it is not just a group of elected representatives. Mission is not a matter reserved for specialists or experts in the field".
By virtue of the baptism received, every member of the People of God has become a missionary disciple, as Pope Francis often remembers, therefore every baptized person is an evangeliser, and "it would be inappropriate to think of a pattern of evangelization conducted by a qualified group, where the rest of the faithful people are only receptive to their actions". Mgr. Lozano stresses that "the new evangelization must imply a new role for each of the baptized ... a call addressed to every Christian, so that no one delays his commitment to evangelization". "Sometimes we are specialists in postponing the commitment".
The Archbishop emphasizes that "in this period it is also necessary to pray for missionaries all over the world, especially for those who are in places of persecution of faith. Countries in which they are kidnapped, tortured and killed, thus giving testimony of love with their own blood". In particular, he asked to pray for Father Roberto López, of the clergy of San Juan, who was sent to Cuba and for other Argentinian priests who are missionaries in other countries. Next Thursday, November 1, Solemnity of All Saints, Mgr. Lozano invites us to thank God "for so many men and women who, like us, lived the Gospel in fullness". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 31/10/2018)