AMERICA/BRAZIL - Casa do Moinho professional training School and Home for young girls with little economic means

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Rome (Fides Service) - In the town of Cotía, a few kilometres from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Casa do Moinho School trains girls with scarce economic means to work in hotels, hospitals and other institutions.
The School was opened in the 1970s. Many girls have acquired professional training as well as housekeeping thanks to volunteer teachers offer courses in Domestic Science. Casa do Moinho School is a philanthropic initiative promoted by the Women’s Association of Social Studies AFESU. In 1988, considering the experience of the School and the great need for its service, it opened Casa do Moinho Professional Training Centre for local girls and girls from all over Brazil. The School has at present about hundred girls aged 17 to 23 following a Hotel Training Course.
Volunteer teachers are professionals in various fields of university education. The two year course consists of four parts. The lesson in 3 different semesters focus on three fields: reception, restaurant and cooking. Casa do Moinho School can take 100 students including about 20 boarders.
In September 2005 Casa do Moinho started two new courses Elementary Notions of Hotel Management and Elementary Notions of Hotel Reception.
Promoted in the beginning by AFESU Casa di Moinho is funded by private companies and individuals and is supported by members of Opus Dei.
AFESU formed in 1963 to promote professional training for poor girls. Today it has four training colleges, three of these in Sao Paulo. (AP) (12/1/2006 Agenzia Fides; Righe:28; Parole:316)