ASIA - The young Christians of Asia, ambassadors of peace

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 human rights   civil society   youth   peace  


Chiang Mai (Agenzia Fides) - Young Christians in Asia are called to be "ambassadors of peace" in the various social and political contexts of the Asian nations where they live. This is what emerges from the third meeting of the forum "Young Ambassadors of Peace in Asia" (YAPA), born within the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA). The week long program focuses on the theme "Peace with Justice and Human Security" is being attended by young people sponsored by CCA member churches and councils as well as representatives of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim organizations in Asia.
Young people have received specific training for a better understanding of the conflicts that are registered in many parts of Asia. The aim is to raise awareness that young Asian Christians are called to be ambassadors and catalysts of peace, according to the message of Christ, in the territory or region in which they live.
"The concept of 'security' envisioned needs to be understood properly as the notion of security has been interpreted often in political contexts, and linked only to national security or war and military defense. Such an approach will not be taking into consideration the importance of human security and the right of the poor to live in dignity, safety and with access to justice", explains Mathews George Chunakara, General Secretary of the CCA, to Fides. "Peace and security - he continues - can only be attained and sustained in a society where people in a community truly care for one another with mutual recognition and tolerance on the basis of love and care for others; there will not be peace without justice, and there will also not be peace without security".
Various thematic presentations at the YAPA explore the ways to empower civil society in its quest for social development, economic security, human rights, food security, environmental security, community security and political security. YAPA aims to train prospective young peace activists and bring them to a common platform to help build communities where peace and harmony would prevail and be upheld. The curriculum and training methodologies are based on inter-cultural, inter-religious and non-formal learning approaches.
The CCA is an ecumenical body that coordinates social, cultural and missionary works in Asia, promoting solidarity and collaboration among various Churches and Christian denominations, including the Catholic Church. (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 17/10/2018)