AMERICA/PERU - Bishops involved in the reform of justice, moral heritage of the country

Thursday, 19 July 2018 local churches   justice   corruption   episcopal conferences  


Lima (Agenzia Fides) - The President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, His Exc. Mgr. Héctor Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, O.F.M., Archbishop of Trujillo, met yesterday, Wednesday 18 July, the Commission for Justice Reform, appointed five days ago by the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, after having learned the confirmation of the audio which see members of the National Judicial Council (CNM) and the judiciary involved in acts of corruption.
The note sent to Fides reports that the Commission's invitation to Mgr. Cabrejos was made because, together with the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, it could offer a contribution and a feedback on the aspects to be considered as a priority for the reform of the judicial system, in order to reduce all forms of violence. The meeting began at 9.15 am and was attended by Mgr. Cabrejos, members of the Commission: Allan Wagner (president), Delia Revoredo, Hugo Sivina, Samuel Abad, Eduardo Vega, Ana Teresa Revilla and Walter Albán .
On 11 July the Episcopal Conference published a communiqué "Corruption is a social ‘virus’ that infects everything" after the opening of the crisis in the judicial system due to the release of the audio in which members of the CNM and the judiciary are involved in alleged acts of corruption (see Fides 12/07/2018). This document expressed the need to safeguard the institution and the moral heritage of the country, as well as to express the Church's willingness to collaborate directly in this task.
According to the latest news gathered by Fides, President Martín Vizcarra has asked Congress for an emergency session for tomorrow, Friday, July 20, to discuss the expulsion of the seven members from the National Judicial Council, after the release of the audio in which they seem to discuss the innocence of an alleged raper and the appointment of friends. Today, July 19, a large popular demonstration is scheduled in the capital to demand the dissolution of the highest body of justice in the country. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 19/07/2018)