AMERICA/MEXICO - The Bishop of Tepic for the elections: "together we can build a prosperous Mexico, of peace and justice"

Friday, 22 June 2018 elections   human rights   democracy   human dignity   justice  


Tepic (Agenzia Fides) - "On July 1st we will have a historic election day. It is a very important electoral process, where citizens will have the opportunity to elect our future rulers in different areas: President of the Republic, Senators, Deputies, Governors and Presidents of Municipalities in some States. The future of the Country is in your hands. For this reason I invite you to exercise your sovereignty with responsibility and intelligence": says the Bishop of Tepic, His Exc. Mgr. Luis Artemio Flores Calzada, in a letter addressed to all Mexican citizens, inviting them to express their vote in a "free, personal, secret" manner.
In the letter sent to Agenzia Fides, the Bishop acknowledges that "there is disenchantment among Mexicans for politics, that is why it is very important that we all give politics back its dignity and that elected candidates do the same". Therefore he recalls the importance of "choosing good leaders, getting to know candidates well, not to allow oneself to be influenced by anything or anyone, not even by polls".
"An authentic politician - underlines the Bishop - is the one who seeks the good of all: the good of every person and the common good; respects the dignity of the person and his fundamental rights, such as life from the womb to natural death, a dignified life in which no citizen is excluded from basic goods for his development, such as food, work, housing, health, education. Also the right to religious freedom is important". Among the other characteristics of the politician listed by Mgr. Flores Calzada, is the ability to listen to people and participate in the promotion of human development, to know how to unite citizens and not divide them, integrate all the forces and all citizens ... "In short, he must love people and seek the good of people, not their own interests, and surround themselves with honest and prepared people who restore dignity to politics".
The Bishop then notes how Mexico, and in particular the states of Nayarit and Jalisco, "have been scourged by violence, abductions, insurrections, drug trafficking, impunity, corruption, femicide"; many live in poverty without having anything or very little to eat, a decent home, a fair wage and social security. Migrants are mistreated and expropriated. "These are challenges where we must work together: government, civil society, Church, in order to eradicate these evils and seek a decent life for all" underlines the Bishop.
Despite these disturbing aspects, Mgr. Flores Calzada emphasizes: "we Mexicans have a great cultural wealth, but above all, the great wealth we have is youth ... let us give them the opportunity to participate in the construction of a more fraternal, just, supportive and peaceful Mexico". Future governments therefore must commit themselves to promoting policies in favor of the family, which is "the most important institution in the education of citizens and Christians" in which they learn to live "the values of peace, justice, solidarity and love, which our Mexico so badly needs". "Quality education for all Mexicans" is also needed, enhancing and stimulating teachers, and promoting health centers for everyone, and a special care for creation, our common home, as Pope Francis tells us.
"To eradicate poverty - he continues -, the best tool is the creation of sources of work, with fair wages for all sectors of society: farmers, fishermen, teachers, service providers; and entrepreneurs know how to create sources of work with social responsibility, looking for the good of their workers and communities".
Mgr. Flores Calzada concludes his letter inviting unity and peace, together with those who will be elected, because "we can build a prosperous Mexico, of peace and justice" if we are united, and invites believers to pray "so that God may enlighten us to properly elect our rulers". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 22/06/2018)