ASIA/NEPAL - Reconstruction after the earthquake: the programs of Caritas Nepal

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 earthquake   solidarity   caritas   local churches  

Kathmandu (Agenzia Fides) - Caritas Nepal, an organism of the Catholic Church, has intensified its efforts to rebuild homes and structures in the communities affected by the earthquake of 2015. As Fides learns, Caritas has invested more than 36 million euros to help local communities to resume life and economic and social activities, to heal the wounds inflicted by the disaster. "With a team of priests, nuns and lay people, Caritas Nepal has focused on helping populations to regain their livelihoods", says Sister Marissa of the Congregation of Jesus to Fides.
One of the main areas of action touches sustainable agriculture to enable small families of farmers to have food security and sustainable livelihoods, given that about two-thirds of Nepal's population depends on sustenance from agriculture.
Furthermore, Caritas Nepal has set up a national program for the prevention and treatment of AIDS, through training and awareness meetings, radio programs and the dissemination of information leaflets. There are also smaller projects, which aim at the development of skills, with savings and microcredit programs, and educational programs for displaced children during the civil war, which lasted a decade (1996-2006).
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in South Asia. Almost a quarter of its 31 million people live on 2 dollars a day. In the last 20 years, political turbulence has hampered development in the Himalayan country, which was hit by severe earthquakes in April 2015, which claimed 9,000 victims, over 22,000 injured and thousands of homeless displaced people. Earthquakes have destroyed over 750,000 homes across the country, mainly in rural areas. But now, thanks to the Caritas network, many people are finally rebuilding their homes and their lives. (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 22/5/2018)