AMERICA/HAITI - Apostolic commitment of the Camillian missionaries on the island after the hurricane

Monday, 21 May 2018 natural disasters   solidarity   caritas   orders   development   sustainable development  


Ranja (Agenzia Fides) - "Since your arrival on the island you have brought great change to the life of the community: with your Gospel style of work you have accompanied people to their full recovery. This makes you different from the rest of the organizations": said Msgr. Joseph Gontrand Decoste, SJ, Bishop of Jeremie, addressing the Camillians, talking about the programs carried out after hurricane Matthew which on 4 October 2017 severely hit Haiti bringing death and devastation (see Fides 6/10/2017). Since then, the religious have carried out all kinds of activities to support the population and also for the reconstruction of infrastructures. Camillian Fr.Aris Miranda, MI, Executive Director of the Camillian Disaster Service International Foundation (CADIS), told Fides that in June 2018 a second phase of assistance will begin in Ranja, Jeremie.
As Fides learns, the missionary, together with the director of CADIS USA, on a visit in Ranja accompanied by the Camillian Fr. Robert Daudier, engineer involved in the recovery operations went to Mgr. Decoste, who then invited the group to join him in the visit to the community of Ranja to show results obtained so far and the appreciation of the population towards their work.
They were accompanied by Marie Andree Dupont, one of the local project area coordinators, to visit the sites where the three main programs were implemented: the development of local farmers; access to clean water for personal and domestic use; the reconstruction of about 80 houses completely and partially damaged by the hurricane.
"The second phase - Father Aris told Fides - will focus on strengthening the capacity of farmers, the reorganization and the program of cooperation between women, strengthening the local market of their products, building a multi-purpose training center and the protection of the river basin area from soil erosion and aridity".
These interventions will be financed, among other bodies, by the Italian Episcopal Conference, CADIS USA by the Camillians and carried out in collaboration with the Camillian delegation in Haiti, with the diocese of Jeremie, with the Congregation of the Brothers of the Incarnation and with the community of Ranja. (AM/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 21/5/2018)