ASIA/PHILIPPINES - To focus on "common values": the wish of the "Silsilah" movement for the month of Ramadan

Thursday, 17 May 2018 dialogue   islam   political islam   human rights   religious minorities   christianity  

Zamboanga (Agenzia Fides) - "In this month of Ramadan, sacred to the Muslim world, we wish to express solidarity with the Muslims and reaffirm the belief that Islam can help, among many things, in saying what the value of prayer, of fasting and of the attention to the needy is": this is what the message released by the "Silsilah" Muslim Christian movement, in Zamboanga, in the South of the Philippines, and sent to Agenzia Fides, says.
"We recall what the 2008 Catholic-Muslim Forum in Rome affirmed after the open letter of 138 Muslim religious leaders in the world of 2007, underlining that the love of God and one’s neighbor belong to the Christian faith and Islam. In that document we read: For Muslims, love is a timeless transcendental power that guides and transforms the mutual human gaze. This love, as revealed by the Holy and Prophet Muhammad, is a true love for the only true God. It is the loving compassion of God, even greater than that of a mother for her child".
"Silsilah" recalls that in that document common points between Christian and Muslim faith were reiterated as "the importance of human life, human dignity, respect for God's creation, the sincere love of neighbors, respect for religious minorities, the importance of education in human, civic, religious and moral values, the importance of love and harmony among believers, the ethical financial system, attention for young people".
"Today we wish to reaffirm the will of Muslims and Christians to move together according to the love of God, love of neighbor and love for the common good. This is the wish of Silsilah in the holy month of Ramadan", says the text.
In 2018, notes the message "let us reflect on our mission in the midst of increasing violence and conflict in Mindanao. We are alarmed by many signs of violence, especially among Muslim groups fighting in the name of Islam".
Silsilah is a movement that, founded in 1984 by the missionary of PIME, Sebastiano d'Ambra, began to invite Muslims and Christians to build together a "chain" (Silsilah) of love, in the conviction of belonging to the same human family, created by the same God. The basic idea is to cultivate the "spirituality of life in dialogue", which embraces four dimensions: dialogue with God, with oneself, with others and with creation. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 17/5/2018)