AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Catholic bishops address political and humanitarian crisis which: “ threatens the very essence of our free, fraternal and democratic nation”

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Caracas (Agenzia Fides) – Yesterday the Catholic Bishops Conference of Venezuela (CEV) issued a statement focussed on " the month long political and humanitarian crisis" in this country: " such major humanitarian challenges, delegitimize the realisation of the presidential elections scheduled for 20 May" it is "urgent to postpone them to the final three months of this year.”
The Bishops recall in the statement sent to Fides, that since January this year "hyperinflation has aggravated the impoverishment of the people, and reduced the quality of life in the country. The widespread lack of public services all over the country renders life very difficult". And this, the Bishops add, "in the face of the surprising indifference on the part of government officials towards solving these difficulties ". "In addition there is an increase in sicknesses due to the uncontrolled appearance of epidemics and disease among the people most vulnerable" the text continues underlining the scarcity of medicines in Venezuela. The Bishops also call attention to the question of emigration “which increases every day, affecting all social levels with conditions ever more precarious".
For this reason the Bishops address a pressing appeal "to the governors and leaders of the nation to realise their responsibility regarding these evils, to listen to the people and address the difficulties without delay... to facilitate the search for political solutions to stop these ills before they reach uncontrollable and painful levels of destruction and death".
The Bishops also remind all Venezuelans of the necessity to "realise that at stake at this moment lie not only the realisation of the elections, or the transitory lowering of the quality of life of a nation, but its very existence as a nation free, fraternal and democratic”. Lastly the Bishops recall that "with the force of the faith and the impulse of hope it is possible to assume courageous and determined attitudes of solidarity and steer the country away from this story of death ". (LG) (Agenzia Fides 24/04/2018