AMERICA/PARAGUAY - The Catholic Church abandons the management of the State Institute of Charity

Thursday, 22 March 2018 politics   economy   society   bishops   corruption  


Asunción (Agenzia Fides) - With an official letter of resignation, presented to President Horacio Cartes, the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference (CEP) has left the management of the State Charity Institute ("Diben": Department for Charity and Social Assistance). As Agenzia Fides learns, the provision is linked to the dissemination of the reports of the Control Office, which highlighted wastes and lack of clarity in the economic management of this institution.
In the letter, signed by the Archbishop of Asunción, Msgr. Edmundo Valenzuela, in his role as president of the Episcopal Conference of Paraguay, the bishops of Paraguay inform that they have decided "to abandon their institutional representation from the Diben Board of Directors". The bishops "analyzed whether or not to continue to be part of the management of this state institution, after several facts of bad management" and have decided to abandon their direct involvement.
"While the Church appreciates and recognizes the spirit of the law, which guarantees its presence in such an important body, the CEP has evaluated the importance of having an institutional representation in the present moment", says the document sent to Fides. According to the president of the Conference, the bishops consider it necessary to take the opportunity to review the statute of Diben, in order to achieve its main objectives, ie to act above all in favor of the poor. Likewise, the text clarifies that the Church will continue to collaborate with state institutions, in the logic and spirit of the principle of subsidiarity.
The resignation of the CEP comes after the investigations carried out by control bodies that revealed irregularities and waste of money in the economic administration of Diben. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 22/03/2018)