AMERICA/ECUADOR - The Bishops: "No Ecuadorian must justify, tolerate or relativize corruption"

Friday, 2 March 2018 politics   civil society   local churches  

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Quito (Agenzia Fides) - "In the face of the strong accusations of corruption and the reciprocal reprimands of which various authorities in the moral, legal and political fields are protagonists", the Bishops of Ecuador propose competent authorities and institutions to "investigate in a clear manner so that the truth of facts prevail and not false perceptions, almost always full of rivalries and vengeance". This is what the Pastors of Ecuador say in a statement by the Presidency Council of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference recently published and sent to Agenzia Fides.
"The search for truth is urgent - the Bishops reaffirm -, it is our people who ask for it". Therefore, expressing the desire that the authorities of State act following paths of truth and transparency, the Bishops highlight: as citizens "we feel called to be attentive and vigilant" while "we encourage young Ecuadorians to prepare themselves in the best way to build a new way of doing politics, understood as collective charity and service to the people".
In conclusion, the Bishops, as they have repeatedly affirmed on several occasions (see Fides 24/01/2018, 02/01/2018), reiterate their refusal for "any kind of corruption" and invite everyone "to fight so that it disappears from our social fabric and no Ecuadorian must justify it, tolerate it or relativize it". (L.G) (Agenzia Fides 02/03/2018)