ASIA/VIETNAM - Young Catholics: learning leadership from Jesus

Thursday, 1 March 2018 youth   evangelization   mission   christianity   local churches  


Hanoi (Agenzia Fides) - Jesus Christ is the model and the best example from whom to learn the style of leadership: as Fides learns, this is what young Catholics of Vietnam think gathered in the Catholic youth group "Nhom Lau Yeu Thuong" ("Fire of love"), introduced in Vietnam 27 years ago by American Jesuits. The movement, which conducts a Catholic life-coaching approach, promotes a special program focused on "leadership just like Jesus" among young people.
After a recent seminar in Hanoi, the 31-year-old Catholic Bien Tran, explains to Fides: "It is a youth program that intends to propose to young people how to connect heart, head, habits with the model of Christ's transformative leadership, the greatest leader of all time. It intends to allow one discover the difference between leadership based on love and that based on power".
Seminars lead young people "to acquire practical suggestions in order to change, establish meaningful goals that are rooted in the vision and core values of the gospel".
We want to guide them in making decisions, building daily habits that will foster personal growth and help them in the long term through a life-coaching based on the path of Jesus", says Bien Tran to Fides. Thousands of young Vietnamese have participated over the years in courses organized in different parts of the country.
Those present are offered input on spirituality, suggestions on how to put faith in action, on social awareness, and on how to live a coherent life, contributing to the common good. Young people come out of the seminars "motivated and convinced in pursuing life choices following the evangelical principles", notes Tran. "Our effort is to inspire people to look to Christ as the greatest model of leaders of all time. Effective leadership starts from within the heart", he says.
A girl among the participants, Nguyen Phuong told Fides: "After this meeting I think about my future, school, work. I want to be like Jesus and this is a journey of transformation. This course taught me how important it is to love God, love others and love myself. I experienced a powerful faith, trust and hope in God. I felt a strong peace, God came to meet me and told me: I know you, I forgive you. He is always with me, but now I have recognized him". (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 1/3/2018)