AMERICA/BRAZIL - Cardinal da Rocha: "Too much aggression in social media". Also Carnival highlighted the violence

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 violence   corruption   human rights   social network  

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Brasilia (Agenzia Fides) - There is too much violence in social media and aggression "is shared by many Catholics present in social networks": this is the alarm launched by Cardinal Sergio da Rocha, Archbishop of Brasilia and president of the Brazilian National Episcopal Conference (CNBB). "It is a grave sin to use the name of God or any religion to practice or justify violence", said the Cardinal commenting on the message of the Campaign for Fraternity (CF) which this year proposes the slogan "You are all brethren". As Fides learns, the Cardinal emphasizes that many initiatives can be developed to achieve the objectives of the Campaign and that every baptized person can give his contribution in order "to overcome violence and build fraternity and peace in the environments in which he lives". But we must deplore the growing violence "shared by many Catholics in social networks", he remarked.
"It is urgent to say no to violence on social media" he said, especially addressing young people. "Do not share offensive and disrespectful content. Do not join WhatsApp groups or other social networks that spread gossip, moral lynchings and destructive criticism, even if these are Catholics or people of the Church", he commented. "Listening to the voice of Jesus implies living in fraternal love.This is the starting point" he said, recalling that "Lent is a special time of conversion in preparation for Easter" which "must be lived through charity, as the Church teaches".
"It is a special path for conversion and true charity", continued Cardinal Rocha, explaining that the motto "You are all brethren "aims to help overcome violence and promote peace at all levels".
According to information sent to Agenzia Fides by the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) of Brazil, in the nation "the poor is labeled as a thief or criminal, corruption at different levels shows the lack of protection of citizens: in this framework the Church remains as one of the points of reference for re-proposing social values and defending the rights of the youngest and most defenseless". But, "if the members of this institution relaunch violent attitudes or justify the violence of armed groups, the moral confusion of those who want to live to the full forgiveness and mercy increases", the PMS noted.
The national press reports extensively on how the problems of Brazil gained a lot of space in the "Sambódromo Sapucaí", the stadium in which samba schools paraded for the 2018 Carnival, which ended only a few days ago.
Cardinal Rocha insists on resuming the example proposed by Christ: "Whoever listens to the voice of Jesus Christ does not nourish or commit violence in society, on the contrary, he contributes to peace, through respect and dialogue, mercy and forgiveness: those who listen to the voice of Jesus gives witness to his word: 'You are all brethren', do not treat those who think differently from you as an enemy to fight, but as a brother to love, if necessary with fraternal forgiveness. Peace is God’s gift to be shared during this Lent", concludes the Cardinal. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 27/02/2018)