AMERICA/CHILE - Youth: "Francis shows us the source of joy: Christ Jesus"

Thursday, 18 January 2018 youth   pastoral visit   pope francis   development  

Boletino Salesiano

Santiago (Chile) - "Pope Francis explained to us a new concept of maturity. That of the ideas and dreams we realize against the pessimism of adults or of ourselves, which makes us think that the world will not change. He invited us to "mature" our dreams by realizing them, not to lose joy, revealing its source: Christ Jesus. And he strongly asked us to have a voice in the Church: this is why we young people must make ourselves be heard". This is what Pablo Sandoval told Agenzia Fides, a young man from the Chilean capital, active in an ecclesial movement, among the 60 thousand young Chileans present at the National Shrine of Maipú. "The Pope emphasized that the Church needs us", says Consuelo Huerta to Agenzia Fides.
Consuelo and Pablo highlight the trust that the Holy Father places in young people, inviting them to ask themselves what they can do for others. With them, Francis felt at ease, almost relaxed. "He joked saying: I forced you to leave the sofa, eh!, but then he made us understand that what we can all give others is something important", notes Consuelo. For her Francis’ message in these Chilean days was "very courageous, with a very clear language. Now it is up to everyone to understand it and act accordingly". It refers "to the invitation to unity, to justice towards the indigenous peoples, to be humble (he asked society for forgiveness for the aberrations and errors committed). Francis set an example in demonstrating that it is necessary to start over again after having made a mistake". Pablo was struck by the gestures made by the Pope, such as the visit to the tomb of the "Bishop of the poor" Enrique Alvear, first act in Chilean land, or the meeting with the prisoners. These gestures, concludes Pablo, embody "the evangelical message of closeness to the poor and the most needy". (SM) (Agenzia Fides, 18/01/2018)