ASIA/MYANMAR - Pope Francis to the Burmese Church: you bring everyone the "irresistible" love of Christ, which can heal every wound

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 mission   pontifical mission societies   evangelization  

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Yangon (Agenzia Fides) - Jesus did not teach us his wisdom "by long speeches or by grand demonstrations of political or earthly power but by giving his life on the cross". From the cross also comes "healing", because on the cross "Jesus offered his wounds to the Father for us, the wounds by which we are healed". Thanks to the gift of the Eucharist, we too can "find in the wounds of Christ the source of all healing". By taking refuge in Christ’s wounds "may you know the healing balm of the Father’s mercy and find the strength to bring it to others, to anoint every hurt and every painful memory". With these words, Pope Francis outlined the source and dynamics of the apostolic mission to which the Church is called. This is what he said on Wednesday, November 29, on his second full day of his apostolic visit to Myanmar, where he celebrated an open-air Mass in the morning at the Kyaikkasan Ground and delivered a homily during which he confirmed in faith the more than 150,000 Burmese faithful who came from all over the country to attend Mass with the Successor of Peter. "I can see", said Pope Francis, "that the Church here is alive, that Christ is alive and here with you". The Bishop of Rome wanted to recall that also "through the praiseworthy work of Catholic Karuna Myanmar and the generous assistance provided by the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Church in this country is helping great numbers of men, women and children, regardless of religion or ethnic background".
Referring to the violence and the conflicts that have tormented the Country's recent path, Pope Francis also pointed out the temptation to "respond to these injuries with a worldly wisdom" those who think that "healing can come from anger and revenge". Instead - said Pope Bergoglio - Jesus’ way is radically different: "When hatred and rejection led him to his passion and death, He responded with forgiveness and compassion. In today’s Gospel, the Lord tells us that, like Him, we too may encounter rejection and obstacles, yet he will give us a wisdom that cannot be resisted. He is speaking of the Holy Spirit, through whom the love of God has been poured into our hearts".
By the gift of the Spirit - added Pope Francis - Jesus enables us each to be "signs of his wisdom, which triumphs over the wisdom of this world, and his mercy, which soothes even the most painful of injuries". In this way - Pope Francis suggested - the Holy Spirit leads the Church to embrace its missionary vocation, conveying also the forms with which apostolic work is expressed: "The Church in Myanmar", Pope Francis said, suggesting ways and means with which the proclamation of the Gospel is communicated "is already doing much to bring the healing balm of God’s mercy to others, especially those most in need. There are clear signs that even with very limited means, many communities are proclaiming the Gospel to other tribal minorities, never forcing or coercing but always inviting and welcoming". Pope Francis encouraged the Christians of Myanmar to "keep sharing with others the priceless wisdom that you have received, the love of God welling up in the heart of Jesus", in the certainty that Jesus himself "wants to give this wisdom in abundance" and that the desire to sow seeds of healing and reconciliation in in Myanmar's society will bring fruit, because Christ himself told us that "his love, revealed on the cross is ultimately unstoppable". (GV) (Agenzia Fides, 29/11/2017)