AMERICA/CHILE - "Here I am, send me": month of the Bible in a missionary term

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 bible   local churches   missionary animation  


Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - Several Latin American countries dedicate the month of September, in which the feast of Saint Jerome is celebrated (September 30) whose Vulgate is a Latin translation of the Bible, to a special, personal and community encounter, with the Sacred Scriptures. The Chilean Church will live this time in a missionary term: "This means creating opportunities to listen to the Word of God to get to know the Lord better, to renew our friendship with Him, and to prepare to assume His mission as our own mission", writes His Exc. Mgr. Santiago Silva Retamales, President of the National Commission of the Pastoral Care of biblical animation.
According to the information released by the Episcopal Conference, sent to Fides, four meetings of Lectio Divina are being proposed, showing some images related to Jesus, which "invite us to revive our missionary commitment to bringing the Good News of the Gospel to all corners of our country, so that it can be a source that illuminates the transformation of our realities, inviting us to live charity, fraternity, justice, peace and joy".
"Here I am, send me - Called to follow Jesus" is the motto chosen for this month, which invites to sit at the Lord's feet to listen to him, to accept his Word in our hearts, to be transformed into his announcers. "Many, nowadays have to find a new meaning for their lives, many today feel alone and abandoned, many come from other countries to find better opportunities for work and life in our country. Let us welcome them warmly by sharing the Word of God that gives us life in abundance, the life of Jesus Christ".
On the site of the Bishops' Conference of Chile there is a guide for the Letio Divina, which can be used for the animation of the month of the Bible. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 30/8/2017)