AFRICA/DR CONGO - Two emergency projects in provinces of former Katanga help cope with double the number of internally displaced persons

Friday, 11 August 2017


Agenzia Fides) Kalemie (Agenzia Fides) – According to a report issued by OCHA, in March this year there were about 450,000 internally displaced persons in the province of Tanganyika, the worst hit of the four provinces of what was formerly known as Katanga, by Luba-Pygmy conflict which has raged since 2016. In the main provincial town Kalemie, six out of every ten people are displaced. To help in this situation of emergency, NGO Italian blood donors association AVIS has launched two projects. One will assure school classes for 15,000 destitute children in Kalemie: providing basic school backup courses for schools near displaced persons camps and funding to include newcomers in the classes; training for teachers and school principals; school materials, balls and games and supplies of teachers’ kits. The second project RRMP, Rapid Response Popular Movements, will be a six month intervention in the most impervious and difficult to reach parts of the four provinces of former Katanga (Tanganyika, Lualaba, Haut –Lomami and Upper Katanga) to offer assistance for people internally displaced for at least 3 months: basic necessities, schooling, healthcare and hygiene in cooperation with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). (AP) (11/8/2017 Agenzia Fides)