AMERICA/VENEZUELA “Indigenous leadership in the Christian inter-cultural perspective” focus of 4th National Meeting for Indigenous and Missionaries in Caracas

Monday, 28 November 2005

Caracas (Fides Service) - The 4th National Meeting for Indigenous and Missionaries was held in Caracas from 24 - 26 November. The meeting, held every two years since 1996, is organised by Indigenous Communities and the National Mission Council consisting of the Venezuelan Catholic Education Association, the Commission for Mission of the Catholic Bishops of Venezuela, the Pontifical Mission Societies in Venezuela and the national Confederation of Religous Participants including ndigenous delegates from the Wayuu, Pemon, Waraos, Hivis, Piaroas, Eñepa, Hotti, Yukpas, Bari, Añu groups and Catholic organisations working with Indigenous communities.
The objective of the meeting was to promote Indigenous leadership in the Christian inter-cultural perspective. In view of the meeting participants received material prepared by the organisers to promote reflection on difficulties of Indigenous leadership in the past, present and future, also in the light of the present sitaution in Latin America. Conferences, work groups and panel discussion focused among other things on the promotion of healthcare, education and political involvment. The event included an exhibition of Indigenous arts and crafts. (RZ) (Agenzia Fides 28/11/2005, righe 15, parole 191)