AMERICA/PERU - Mgr. Piñeiro during the national holiday: need to intervene and be severe against corruption

Friday, 28 July 2017 evangelization   human rights   bishops  

Lima (Agenzia Fides) - "The national holiday that reminds us of one of the greatest aspirations of Peruvians, independence of living in freedom and democracy, this year has a special blessing: the upcoming visit of Pope Francis in Peru January next year": this is how the letter of the President of the Peruvian Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Salvador Piñeiro García Calderón begins, published on the 196th anniversary of the Republic of Peru, celebrated today, July 28.
After thanking God for the rich natural resources, the President of the Episcopal Conference denounces some situations that afflict Peruvian society: "After almost 200 years of Republican life, there is still: poverty, lack of a fair and rational application of justice, which afflict much of the country and corruption. We need to intervene urgently and severely", reads the letter.
"But there are also many signs of light in our country, such as solidarity and resilience. How can we forget the generosity of large businesses and simple people who shared food and helped thousands of people who sufferd because of 'Niño Costero'?".
"The immortal heritage of our heroes, who with their lives and their sacrifice left us a free and independent Peru, oriented towards the truth, which always makes us free", continues the text, which concludes with these words:" Our Peru, a land of heroes and saints, on the bicentenary path of its independence, thanks the God of Life for the nation in which we were born" . (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 28/07/2017)