AMERICA/MEXICO - Mgr. Elizondo on the destruction of a chapel:Security and respect of everybody’s rights

Monday, 24 July 2017 evangelization   violence   human rights   armed groups  


Cancun (Agenzia Fides) – The Bishop of the Prelature of Cancún-Chetumal, Mgr. Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, in his homily yesterday said that media sometimes report that evil is winning because bad news is what is most widespread. Commenting on the Gospel, Mgr. Elizondo Cárdenas recalled that with regards to the issue of security, we all have to commit ourselves. "Tourists continue to come because they know the heart of Mexicans, because there is hospitality and this distinguishes our service", said the Bishop, but in order to maintain this trust we must commit ourselves, "because security is everybody’s mission".
Mgr. Elizondo Cárdenas, according to information sent to Fides, referred to the horrible episode of July 18, in an area in Cancun, where a group of people completely destroyed a small Catholic chapel built only one week before. "No one can destroy a building, unless authorized by a competent authority" commented Mgr. Elizondo, "although the urban program is unclear, no one can act in such a way. If it is a green area or destined to worship, only the municipality can decide with the population of that area".
The Bishop underlined that the chapel had been built after asking permission. Finally he qualified what certain environmentalists and Protestants do against the Catholic Church in small towns as acts of "bullying". Everybody has rights, and rights must be respected he concluded. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 24/07/2017)