AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Priests in Guayana: "We cannot keep silent in the face of repression"

Monday, 29 May 2017 politics   missionary animation   violence   human rights  

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Guyana (Agenzia Fides) - Priests and deacons of the Diocese of Ciudad Guayana (Venezuela) wrote a letter to the "pilgrim people of our beloved land and to all men of good will" to express a profound rejection of every expression of violence and denounce the situation that the vulnerable population lives, who protests against the repression of the government.
The priests of the diocese of Ciudad Guayana, recount the words of Blessed Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero: "In the name of God and of this suffering people, I beg you, I order you: Enough repression! "
The letter, sent to Fides, is entitled "We cannot keep silent in the face of repression". It was read yesterday, Sunday, May 28, in all the churches of the diocese, deploring the violence of police forces against the peaceful people.
In line with the position of the Venezuelan Bishops' Conference, the text clearly states that it is necessary that the Constitution is respected in Venezuela: "a privileged and indispensable way to carry out democratic exercise is the electoral path, as the Constitution foresees. This election consultation cannot be the so-called Constituent Assembly because this is a process flawed by its convocation. We must go to general elections as soon as possible".
Then it recalls the letter from the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who asked for the fulfillment of the four unrealized steps in the most recent dialogue: the opening of humanitarian channels, the release of political prisoners, the full recognition of the National Assembly and the electoral route to resolve divergences.
"We denounce the progressive deterioration of Venezuela's general situation, the most visible aspect of which is the increase in homicide and hunger, according to Caritas, 11% of Venezuelan children are suffering from severe malnutrition". In recent days, media have informed that children at school scurry for hunger, people queue for hours to buy bread, while inflation increases. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 29/05/2017)