AMERICA/BRAZIL - 10 people killed in a clash with the police for land dispute

Friday, 26 May 2017 indigenous   politics   local churches   violence  

Belem (Agenzia Fides) - At least 10 people were killed during a clash with the police in the state of Para, northern Brazil, on May 24. The Department of Public Security announced that nine men and a woman died during a clash that began when colonists who were demonstrating for the property of a plot of land began shooting the police who had arrived to arrest the suspects of a murder. The incident occurred at Santa Lucia ranch, about 900 kilometers north of Belem, capital of the state.
According to the note from the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) sent to Fides by Brazil's PMS, the shootout began when the police arrived to evict settlers. Unfortunately land disputes in Brazil are often violent.
About a month ago the CPT (see Fides 19/04/2017) published its annual report "Conflicts in the countryside of Brazil 2016", which underlined the 61 murders committed last year, the highest recorded since 2003. Violence does not seem to diminish even in 2017. Up to now, 26 people have been killed in conflicts in the Brazilian countryside, not counting the 10 killed recently.
On May 19th a celebration at Chacina de Colniza (Mato Grosso) was celebrated to remember the serious episode that happened a month earlier: nine rural workers were brutally murdered by a group of hooded men. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 26/05/2017)